History of AVC Salzburg and the AVC Group



• Historical moment: 30.05.1990 – Founding of AVC Zagreb (Croatia) by Mr. Leo Rahelić


• Participation at various exhibitions.
• The test phase for an international platform begins.


• 15.04.1993 – Founding of AVC Salzburg by Mr. Leo Rahelić and Mr. Reinhard Mitter
• 24-hour working day
• Number of employees at that time: 2 ½
• Completion of the first big project: TV station Vinkovci (Croatia) (project value: 10 Mio. ATS / 700K Euro)
• 20.05.1993 – Founding of AVC Ljubljana (Slovenia) [but no activities on the Slovenian market until 1995]


• Presentation of the first logo for AVC Salzburg.
• Starting of the activities in Slovenia.
• Participation at the first music fair in Celje (Slovenia) with own booth.


• Mr. Miran Kajin becomes managing director of AVC Ljubljana.


• Outsourcing of the complete stock administration and transport logistics to the forwarding agency Gebrüder Weiss, Salzburg.


• 04.09.2001 – Founding of AVC Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina) – Managing director: Mr. Nermin Dizdarević


• AVC Salzburg continues its growth – the space situation is getting more and more precarious...


• 16.06.2003 – Founding of AVC Belgrade (Serbia) – Managing director: Mr. Miroslav Ćipranić

Summer 2003 – from the idea to the realization:

  • Conclusion that AVC Salzburg has to move into a new office building. The building management company Planquadrat draws up a concept for the new premises.
  • August – first concept
  • Mid September – start of the negotiations
  • End of September – allowance for an office building with a warehouse
  • Beginning of October – confirmation of the financing
  • November – start of the building execution
  • Christmas 2003 – the shell construction of the building is finished


• 06.01.2004 – Founding of AVC Prishtina (Kosovo-UNMIK) – Managing director: Ms. Dua Shehu-Gorani
• AVC Ljubljana becomes major shareholder of TSE d.o.o., the largest installation company in Slovenia with branch offices in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia.
•  28.05.2004 – The new office building of AVC Salzburg located in Neumarkt am Wallersee is ready.
• June 2004 – the big relocation from Salzburg to Neumarkt begins (all in all there are more than 20 tons of goods to move).


• 01.01.2005 – Founding of AVC Skopje (Macedonia) – Managing director: Mr. Igor Trajkovski
• A cooperation with the company Centron Technische Handels GesmbH, Wien, has been started.
19.05.2005 – Founding of AVC Auckland (New Zealand) – Managing director: Mr. Stuart Craw
• 24.06.2005 – Official opening of the new office building with a house-warming party and presentation of the new logo for the whole AVC Group.
• September 2005 – First common activity of the AVC Group and Centron: the organising of a dinner party for key customers and representatives of the industry during the IBC in Amsterdam.


• August 2006 – Completion of the websites of AVC Salzburg and of the AVC Group
• September 2006 – 2nd AVC/Centron Dinner Cruise at the IBC in Amsterdam


• Founding of AVC Sydney (Australia) – Managing director: Mr. Stuart Craw
• September 2007 – 3rd AVC/Centron Dinner Cruise at the IBC in Amsterdam


• September 2008 - 4th AVC/Centron Dinner Cruise at the IBC in Amsterdam

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