Elle C – Microphone optimized for female vocal performance

In cooperation with KISKA - the leading Austrian design company - AKG has designed a live performance vocal microphone optimized for the acoustic and ergonomic requirements of the female vocalist. Stars like Anastacia or Anna Netrebko already use this innovative microphone.

AKG has developed this high-performance vocal microphone after extensive market research. Not only is the sonic quality of the microphone aimed at complementing the female voice, so too is the aesthetic look of the Elle C. Offering a slender and elegant silhouette, the lightweight unit is available in a high-gloss metallic or white pearlescent finish to visually complement any performance.


  • Condenser vocal microphone for female vocalists
  • Slender and elegant silhouette
  • XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins for optimized connectivity
  • 24-carat gold plated transducer case for optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion and humidity
  • Spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness incl. reliable control of pops and wind noise
  • Internal elastic suspension

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