JBL VRX932LAP and VRX918SP Powered Portable Line Arrays

JBL recently introduced two new models for the powered loudspeaker market: The new VRX932LAP 12-inch powered loudspeaker and the VRX918SP 18-inch powered subwoofer are both powered via built-in JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier modules designed in cooperation with Crown. Both models feature onboard digital signal processing for system optimization and equalization.

The VRX932LAP is a 12-inch, two-way powered line array loudspeaker featuring an onboard DPC-2 amplifier module that provides 1750 watts of peak power. With three 2408J Annular Ring Diaphragm HF drivers, the VRX932LAP is the first product to feature JBL Professional's 2408 compression driver design. The VRX932LAP's Constant Curvature Waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc. When additional VRX932LAP loudspeakers are added to the array, the uninterrupted arc continues. In effect, all the drivers work together as if they were a single driver on a very long waveguide. Since there are three drivers in each VRX932LAP loudspeaker, the combined power handling and acoustic output of the system is far greater than a single driver could achieve.

Designed specifically for use in arrays with the VRX932LAP, the VRX918SP is a powered subwoofer system containing a 2268FF neodymium magnet patented Differential Drive, 18-inch woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The VRX918SP features a built-in JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier module designed in cooperation with Crown that provides 1500 Watts of peak power.

For additional information, please visit www.jblpro.com.

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