Neutrik presents DIWA at Prolight+Sound

DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) – Neutrik's solution for the dramatic cutback of radio frequencies

The restrictions of utilizable and available radio frequencies for audio-data transmission require new technological concepts. Neutrik, the worldwide leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products met this challenge. With DIWA (digital wireless audio) Neutrik developed a technology which is capable to fulfil the future demands in an innovative way.

By choosing the 5 gigahertz frequency band all problems with the radio frequency shortage are solved. With DIWA a future-proof system can be built without complex approval processes and extensive search for frequencies.

DIWA stands for digital data transmission without data compression, combined with patented error correction functions and offers sound quality on highest level. By the use of state-of-the-art technology the latency is extremely short (3 milliseconds) and reliability as well as interference resistance are guaranteed.


Following this year's motto of the Prolight+Sound show "Discovering new Dimensions" Neutrik presents the first product based on the DIWA technology in Frankfurt. With XIRIUM, a pro- fessional multichannel wireless system, Neutrik is ahead of times. XIRIUM combines digital receiving and sending lines in one system and is equivalent to highest sound quality, unique reliability and easiest handling.

Xirium is available from autumn 2010.

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